Maternal & Child Health

The Maternal and Child Health Program is a regional program that provides free services available to all Clients with children from birth to school age.

We provide a range of services to families with young children. These services include education and health promotion, early identification and intervention as well as linking families with relevant health professionals or support agencies.

Who is the Maternal and Child Health Nurse?
The Maternal and Child Health Program is staffed by a Registered Nurse, with qualifications in Midwifery. The Nurse is qualified to provide health checks, pregnancy care, and advice on health issues.

What Should I Bring to my Appointment?
Parents are encouraged to bring their Child Health Record Book with them for each visit and their Medicare Card.
For pregnant women, we ask them to bring their pregnancy hand held record.

Program Services

The Maternal and Child Health Program supports parents to meet the demands of early parenthood. The Program offers information, guidance and support to families on:

  • breastfeeding
  • child health and development
  • maternal health including antenatal, intrapartum, postnatal care and home visit support
  • immunisations
  • child accident and injury prevention
  • nutrition
  • family planning
  • regular child health checks.

Partners and family are encouraged and supported to participate in their children’s health and social development.

Goondir acknowledges all support provided by the Department of Health, Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.

Contact Us

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If you want to get in contact with us, please use the phone numbers below for your local clinic.

Dalby Clinic

4 Jimbour Street, Dalby, QLD.

CLINIC: 07 4679 5900
ADMINISTRATION: 07 4679 5966


St George Clinic

127 Victoria Street, St George, QLD.

07 4625 5040

Oakey Clinic

110 Campbell Street, Oakey, QLD.

07 4691 3372

Chinchilla Clinic

75 Middle Street, Chinchilla, QLD.


 07 4573 6841