This is Where We Work

This is how we incorporate country and tradition into our services.

We are big on promotion and supporting GP Registrar Training

Extending Services to our remote and rural communities

Providing support for our neighbouring communities

Supporting Doctor and Nursing Training Programs

Health and Healing are interwoven

Improving access to our remote and rural communities

Recognition as an Award Winning Health Service

715 Health Checks

A full health check (715) involves a comprehensive Health Assessment by a qualified Aboriginal Health Worker or Registered Nurse.

Collection of all your relevant Medical History enables our General Practitioners to make an informed decision on your health care requirements, and refer you to the correct Allied Health Professionals or Specialist that your health requires.

This Model of Care we use enables Goondir to deliver the Holistic Primary Health Care Model to our clients. Which in turn gives us the opportunity to deliver quality services to our clients’ requirements.

Please join us in your journey to healthier living.

Our Vision at Goondir Health Service is Better Health, Better Living, Longer Life. Please let us assist your health needs with, culturally safe and appropriate Primary Health Care with a focus on outcomes for our clients and to educate and promote healthy choices.  

How long it will take:

For Children 0-14 Half hour with the Nurse or Health Worker

Half hour with the Doctor

For Adults 15 & up 1 hour with the Nurse or Health Worker

Half hour with the Doctor


Goondir acknowledges all support provided by the Department of Health, Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.

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Goondir Health Services
Better Health, Better Living, Longer Life

If you want to get in contact with us, please use the phone numbers below for your local clinic

Dalby Clinic

4 Jimbour Street, Dalby, QLD.

CLINIC: 07 4679 5900
ADMINISTRATION: 07 4679 5966

St George Clinic

127 Victoria Street, St George, QLD.

07 4625 5040

Oakey Clinic

Address: 110 Campbell Street, Oakey, QLD.

Phone: 07 4691 3372

Chinchilla Clinic

75 Middle Street, Chinchilla, QLD.

Phone: 07 4573 6841