Goondir Health Services prides itself on establishing and maintaining effective partnerships with various stakeholders that assist deliver comprehensive and culturally responsive primary health care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people throughout communities across south-west Queensland.

Goondir is involved in a number of valuable partnerships with like minded service providers that share agreed common goals and objectives.  These partnerships ensure the enhancement of service capacity to effectively meet identified service gaps and ultimately improve the quality of health care services provided to our Clients.  All partnerships entered into are formalised through a written agreement and reviewed periodically.

Goondir’s partnerships continue to evolve and expand not only on community needs but on the changing landscape of health, technology and advancement.  We are continually investigating innovative ways to provide and enhance medical and wellbeing services to benefit our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Below are a sample of Goondir’s partners.  A more extensive listing could be made available upon request.


UQ provides low cost, affordable oral health care from a satellite clinics within the Dalby and St George Goondir health clinics. Final year dental students under the supervision of a qualified Dentist trainer to deliver oral health care services with priority given to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.  This partnership compliments Goondir’s model of care by increasing vital holistic health services and referral pathways.

UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND (UQ) - Medical Research Futures Fund:

Digital Health Transformation of Rural Primary Health Care Through an Innovative Digital Indigenous Primary Health Care Delivery Model: ID-INSPIRED

The University of Queensland’s Rural Clinical School has partnered with Goondir Health Services (GHS) and the University of Southern Queensland to design and develop a new model of care (ID-INSPIRED). This program integrates Virtual Health Services (VHS), Point of Care Testing (POCT) and digital technologies to transform the way primary health care is delivered. Patients with multiple chronic diseases, equipped with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices, receive quality health care through the VHS program. Clinicians can screen, monitor, and manage patients via digital communication, empowering patients to have an active role in their own health while ensuring equitable access to culturally safe health care.

ID-INSPIRED model aims to improve health outcomes, reduce costs (avoided hospitalisations, reduction in travel), enhance patients’ quality of life with continuity of care, as well as address health care system workflow inefficiencies, by bridging geographical and cultural barriers through digital innovation. The community-driven approach will provide a tangible, culturally appropriate model of care that is readily accepted and adopted. An increased focus on co-designed approach, will make the model sustainable and scalable, ensuring that successful outcomes are achieved and lead to long-term health impact.

This project will ultimately inform strategies to address the high burden of chronic disease among rural and remote communities by providing a culturally safe, co-designed and Indigenous-led health service.

Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service

The Dalby Hospital continued to provide Goondir our clients with services in the after-hours period. The Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service have been very supportive for many years of our mobile medical clinic that travels to outlying townships and provides health screenings within the schools.

South West Hospital and Health Service

The St George Hospital has continued to provide Goondir clients with after-hours services.

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