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Diabetes Program

The Diabetes Program aims to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with diabetes (and their families) through education and training based on the improvement and management of diet, physical activities and
weight management.

This program aims to help Clients increase and sustain self-management of their chronic illness.

Program Services
By working together with the Diabetes Coordinator and health team, Clients can access:

  • a full health assessment, screening and testing (e.g. blood sugar levels, HbA1c, urine, ACR and cholesterol checks)
  • regular health checks by medical staff, foot and eye specialists and the dietician
  • a health care plan with regular reviews
  • activity days which address diet, exercise and health in all areas that affect diabetes
  • a range of visiting Specialists
  • health, education and promotion to raise awareness about diabetes and how to manage it
  • advise on healthy choices of meals + portion sizes
  • support from the community through group activities like walking groups, cooking, education sessions on walking groups, reading food labels and counting carbohydrates
  • Medical advice for diabetes self management.

What can you do to better manage diabetes?

  • Have an interest in improving your health
  • Keep a record of your blood sugar level
  • Be willing to participate in any diabetes activities being offered
  • To work with the Diabetes Coordinator and health providers as a team
  • Take your medication as prescribed by your GP
  • Encourage family members to participate with you in making healthy changes to your lifestyle
  • To look at improving your health long term, not just a ‘quick fix’.
Join the Sugar Shaker Group Every Wednesday

9:30 – 12:00


  • Healthy Cooking
  • Learn about herbs and spices
  • Walking
  • Play Games
  • Water Aerobics
  • Group education with the Diabetes Educator

Laugh and lots of fun!!!!

Enquiries: Goondir Health Services
(07) 4679 5900

Goondir acknowledges all support provided by the Department of Health Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.

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ADMINISTRATION: 07 4679 5966

St George Clinic

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Oakey Clinic

Address: 110 Campbell Street, Oakey, QLD.

Phone: 07 4691 3372

Chinchilla Clinic

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Phone: 07 4573 6841