Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Our Vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to a standard at least equal to that of the wider Australian community by providing holistic health care and medical services that meet best practice standards.

Our Mission: To equip the organisation with the appropriate medical facilities and resources to deliver programs in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner to improve the health and well-being of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the service region.

General Practice – Oakey

The Oakey Clinic can be found at 110 Campbell St, Oakey. QLD 4401. The clinic began operations from the Mobile Medical Clinic located at the Oakey Hospital in February 2014, whilst renovating the new site. The first clients seen at the new clinic began October 2014.

“Goondir” in the Dalby area Aboriginal language translates to “Medicine Man”.

The clinic provides holistic, primary health care and medical services primarily to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the region.

Goondir Health Services aims to improve the health and well being of Indigenous people by providing primary health care, health promotion and education,
enabling Indigenous people to determine for themselves improved health outcomes.

1. Apply Effective Corporate Governance
  • 1.1 Monitor, Review, Evaluate and establish services to
    address current and emerging health needs and trends
    based on the Organisation’s capacity and ability.

    1.2 Implement community and consumer engagement

    1.3 Engage and collaborate with all levels of governmer
    non-government, and privates sector bodies that suppo
    the efficiency and effectiveness of services and the
    Organisation’s growth and development.

    1.4 Adhere to robust and effective corporate governanc
    systems, processes and regulatory frameworks.

    1.5 Ensure the Organisation has the flexibility and capa
    to respond to opportunities.

    1.6 Ensure Goondir’s Corporate arm provides effective
    efficient support to the whole of Goondir services and

2. Apply Effective Clinical Governance
  • 2.1 Deliver holistic primary health care
    services that are client centered.

    2.2 Provide Culturally Appropriate, safe and
    sensitive services.

    2.3 Remove service access barriers.

3. Apply Effective Financial Governance

3.1 Maintain transparent systems and processes.

3.2 Plan, monitor and review current services and capitalise on opportunities that value-add to services.

4. Apply Effective Resource Governance

4. Apply Effective Resource Governance

4.1 Effectively plan, manage, maintain and
review human resource, infrastructure
resources, vehicle and equipment resource
needs to ensure their appropriateness to the
organisation’s needs.

4.2 Implement workforce planning system to
effectively recruit and retain skilled personnel.

4.3 Provide training in Cultural Capability
practices that ensure internal and external
service providers practice Culturally
appropriate, safe and sensitive services.

4.4 Undertake Staff Annual Performance
Appraisal and Development (APAD) system
to monitor staff performance and further
education and training

Contact Us

Goondir Health Services

Better Health, Better Living, Longer Life

If you want to get in contact with us, please use the phone numbers below for your local clinic.

Dalby Clinic

4 Jimbour Street, Dalby, QLD.

CLINIC: 07 4679 5900
ADMINISTRATION: 07 4679 5966


St George Clinic

127 Victoria Street, St George, QLD.

07 4625 5040

Oakey Clinic

110 Campbell Street, Oakey, QLD.

07 4691 3372

Chinchilla Clinic

75 Middle Street, Chinchilla, QLD.


 07 4573 6841