Complimentary Transport Services are available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Clients who meet the Services eligibility criteria. Transport Services are available to these Clients to further enhance access to a range of health and specialist related services. Goondir has strict policies for transportation to ensure the safety of its Staff and Clients. Requests for transport can be arranged by phoning reception and providing the required information well in advance of the requested date. All Clients are encouraged to arrange their own transport. Whenever possible, Clients should seek to use the Public Transit Scheme (PTS) or
Public Transport when they do not have access to private transport. Goondir can assist Clients to arrange transport through
the PTS. Transport link-ups between Goondir and other health services for onward transportation of Clients must also
be requested well in advance. Priority will be given, at all times, to previously made transport commitments.

Transport Eligibility Criteria:

Clients who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and;

  • do not have access to their own or family and friends vehicles
  • are not able to drive or operate a vehicle
  • due to medical reasons
  • are attending an appointment at Goondir or have been referred by a Goondir Doctor to
    Specialist Services
  • reside in the Goondir service region

Persons not entitled to Transport Services include:

  • seriously ill or at risk Clients
  • Clients with ailments that require oxygen tanks
  • a Client who owns a vehicle or has access to one through family and friends
  • persons who are not a Client of Goondir
  • Clients who refuse to share a vehicle with other Clients.

Conditions of Transport:

  • Drivers will only transport Clients when they meet the Eligibility Criteria and it is approved
    by the Co-Coordinator
  • all Clients/Passengers must wear seatbelts with Children required to wear restraints (suitable to their age and weight) as per Transport Regulations
  • Clients are to treat vehicles with respect
  • No Smoking, eating or drinking is permitted in any Goondir vehicle.

A Driver can and will Refuse Transport to a Client/Passenger if at any time during the trip/ transport they:

  • refuse to wear a seatbelt
  • have a child/children are not restrained according to Transport Regulations
  • are under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances
  • are disorderly, aggressive or appear to be mentally unstable
  • are abusive and/or use offensive language
  • are not the authorised on the original request form
  • appear to be in a life threatening condition (an Ambulance will be called immediately)
  • are threatening or look like they may endanger Staff or others.

Goondir acknowledges all support provided by the Department of Health, Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.